Makeup Tips: Tricks and Life Hacks

Makeup Tips savedelete

1. Apply foundation before concealer

Start with a layer of foundation will help minimize any redness or discoloration. You can confirm with your concealer to spot and treat any zits or remaining redness. Foundation before concealer is a power fix for preventing creasing and caking.

2. Do eyebrows with a spoolie brush

Prep brows with spoolie. It’s an easy way to ensure brow hairs are in the right spot.

3. Exfoliate lips

Prep lips with a gentle lip scrub as exfoliation will help buff away any dry skin sitting on top of lips by smoothing them.

4. Use blush

Applying cream or powder blush along the high points of cheeks is a must. It gives an entire look a brighter, warmer finish with pure ease. Try soft and glowy ones.

5. Melt pencil liner to let it glide

Creamy makeup products blend better when little warmed up. Hold the tip of the kohl liner under the flame of a lighter for a second, or it gets tacky. Let it cool. Apply to check the consistency of the eyes.

6. Eyeshadow with white eyeliner

To make a sheer or less pigmented, blend a white eyeliner pencil over the entire eyelid. Put eyeshadow right on top to intensify eyeshadow shade to pop.

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7. Outline cat eye

Extend a line beyond the lower lash line to create the bottom of the cat-eye. Decide the thickness and trace the top rope from the endpoint of the flick to the upper lash line. Fill in the blank space, in-between.

8. A smoky eye with a hashtag

For a smoky eye, use a creamy eyeliner to draw a diagonal hashtag symbol on the outer third of your eyelid, blend it with a sponge.

9. Use a spoon as a mascara shield.

Hold a spoon hugging the eyelid. Apply mascara. The residue will spread on the back of the utensil, not the skin.

10. Revive mascara with saline solution

When mascara annoyingly dries up within the first three months of usage, add few drops of saline solution over the flaky formula to get a smooth consistency.

11. Heat eyelash curler

A heated lash curler helps lashes curl faster and keep the shape for longer. Blow hot air on eyelash curler with a blow dryer until it heats up. Wait to cool slightly to clamp down on lashes.

12. Plump your lashes

Dust some translucent setting powder on lashes between coats of mascara to plump up the lashes.

13. Apply eyelash glue with a bobby pin

Use a clean bobby pin tip to apply a few dots of glue over the lash band and disperse it evenly and then pop the lashes on.

14. Set lip color with a tissue and powder

Just swipe on shade, lay a tissue over the mouth, translucent dust powder over the top to set the color. The tissue acts as a shield to protect it from lightning or dulling.

15. A mix lip color with petroleum jelly

Mix the loose pigments with petroleum jelly in a spoon and swipe it onto lips.

16. Define Cupid’s bow with “x.”

Apply a lip liner as the lipstick shade. Create “X” to lines up with a natural lip line. Fill in the bottom three segments of the “X” with lipstick and maintain applying it to complete the look.

17. Conceal under eyes with a triangle shape

Brighten the under-eye area, stop dotting and start applying in a triangular shape to help conceal redness and shadows. It creates the illusion of brighter under eyes.

18. Use a brush handle to make a contour guide.

To dust bronzer or contour powder, roll a makeup brush handle right below the cheekbone to find the right angle for the faceā€”dust bronzer right below it with a contouring brush to blend the color.

19. Map contours with pencil

After foundation, mark areas for contour with a profoundly colored brow gel pencil and point the hollows under cheekbones, temples, along the hairline, jawline, the nose sides, the nose tip, and the eye creases.

20. Blot extra oil with a clean toilet seat cover

It sounds gross, but it will genuinely help soak up the excess oil on the skin. When headed to the bathroom to freshen up during a party, grab one cover and pat it over T-zone to absorb extra oil.